Drunk Abby’s top 10 Summer Survival Tips:

In honor of the first day of summer, I have complicated a top ten list of summer survival tips.

Funny summer lady. Beach sale, vacation, marine style

Drunk Abby’s top 10 Summer Survival Tips:

  1. Sun is nature’s make up. Ditch the sunscreen and go natural.*
  2. Unless you are Irish. Then use SPF 100 and stay indoors.
  3. Mosquitos are allergic to vodka.
  4. Don’t leave your friends in a hot car.
  5. Hydrate.
  6. Bloody Marys and Daiquiris contain lots of fruits & vegetables.
  7. Fruits and vegetables = antioxidation.
  8. Keep napkins in your purse during festival season.
  9. Exercise is key. Walk to the bar.
  10. Belly flops in a swimming pool are hilarious.*

* I need to disclaim, that I am not responsible for any negative results that my advice may lead to.  (My lawyers insisted I post this. Whatev!)


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